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DA Photos

DA Photos

Here at EMC, we are able to take and upload your official DA Photo that becomes part of your permanent files in the military. We serve the Joint Base Langley-Eustis community, but can take your photo if you belong to another base (we can help you transfer in VIOS to our site.) The DAPMIS official DA Photo is done in the ASU, which is uploaded from here and placed into your AKO account and into iPERMS for promotion boards and other military business.

You can order your DA Photo through the VIOS site and set your appointment time to what we have available.

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Command Photos

Command Photos

A command photo is used by organizations for Command Walls or other official uses, and is taken with a neutral background with a flag. These photos can be made available as a digital copy, as well as prints made for your use.

These photos can be made in either the ASU or the duty uniform. We have an American flag and General Officer flags for these photos, but if you require unit or regimental colors, a guidon, or another background element, you will be required to bring it with you to your session.

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Army Regulations

Army Regulation 640-30 establishes the guidance for your photograph. We have also assembled some visual guides to help you arrange your uniform. It is not up to the photographer to make sure your uniform is correct, but they will try to make sure you look your best.

DA Photo Guidesheet Download link to Army Regulation 640-30
Helpful Hints

DA Photos are scheduled on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, from 0720 until 1440.

Soldiers should check their records before having their photo taken to ensure all medals, badges, ribbons, etc. are properly recorded.

Soldiers should also ensure that they are in possession of the correct medals, badges, ribbons, etc. at least the day before the photo appointment. Clothing and Sales on Fort Eustis opens at 1000, and it is not guaranteed that they will have the needed item.

You must bring your CAC card with you so your photo will properly aligned with your military records.

We have changing rooms available here onsite, so your uniform can remain protected until you arrive to take you photo.

Once you have been photographed, your photo will be added to DAPMIS. You may check the status of your photo in AKO 2 days after your appointment.

Make sure you log into AKO to approve your photo. It will be found in the links on the lower right hand side.

What do I wear for my DA Photo?

You will wear the ASU with the correct ribbons and medals as recorded in your official military records.

How long does it take for the photo to show up on the ERB/ORB?

The photo will show up once it is uploaded from our studio (usually within 48 hours.) Once it has been uploaded, you need to approve the photo in AKO (see screen shots below) within 72 hours. It will be automatically approved if you take no action. If you decline the photo, you will need to reschedule to have another one made.

Do I need to wear my military shoes for the photo?

You will need to wear some kind of footwear, but since the photo is of the upper part of the body, you do not have to wear official footwear. Keep in mind that the uniform my wear differently in different shoes.

Are there dressing rooms available to change into my uniform?

We have private dressing rooms available for just that purpose, so you can look your best before you take your photo.

Do you edit photos, or take out stray hair or blemishes in my uniform?

We do not edit photos or "Photoshop" them before they are uploaded. By regulation, we are not allowed to alter an official military photo.

Will you check to see if my uniform is correct?

It is not our responsibility to know what awards or ribbons you qualify for, or are authorized to wear. We may catch some glaring issues, but we are not responsible to making sure your uniform is right.

Do I need to wear my headgear?

Headgear is not required for your photo, but if you arrive here in uniform, you may need it to travel in uncovered spaces on base.

Do you have walk-in or open times to have the photo made?

We do not have any walk-in times or open schedules beyond what is posted on the VIOS site. You must make an appointment to have your photo taken. If you have a real issue or special circumstances, or photo lead will make the determination about getting a time slot.